November 18, 2021

Botox – Threads – Fillers & more on Facial Cadaver Dissection

Develop your Aesthetic Medicine Skills and Career at the Same Time! 
3-4 December. 

Cadaver based skill-learning courses are recognised as one of the best ways to impart training, as they allow participating Doctors to understand the facial anatomy and develop in depth their Aesthetic Medicine techniques. 

In this workshop, participating Doctors will see how injectables, threads and plasma exeresis are applied and “sit” on the facial layers before, as well as after the dissection. They will also get hands-on practice on a comprehensive range of techniques addressing multiple areas, offering thus a not-to-miss anatomical evidence-based approach for those who wish to develop not only their skills but their career as well. 

All participating doctors will have a 4hour theory seminar on the first day, while on the second they will enjoy a full 8hour session of real-time practice on fresh and frozen cadavers, learning all the techniques of Aesthetic Medicine.  


  1. i. Topographic Anatomy |Muscles, veins, arteries
    Botulinum Toxin | Injection on upper face before & after the dissection 
    iii. Mesotherapy | Injection with needles before & after the dissection 
    Techniques: Napage / Bolus / Linear / Papua / Priking 
    iv. Fillers with Needles | Injection before & after the dissection 
    Techniques: Nasolabial fold / Depression line / Jawline / Zygomatic area / Tear trough / Lips 
    v. Fillers with Cannula | Injection before & after the dissection 
    Techniques: Nasolabial fold / Depression line / Jawline / Zygomatic area / Tear trough / Contour of the face / Lips 
    vi. Threads | Monofilament & Cog before & after the dissection 
    vii. Plasma Exeresis (PLEXR) | Before & after the dissection 
    Non-invasive techniques: Blepharoplasty / Wrinkle removal / Mini lifting / Brow lift 
    viii. Autologous Threads | Before and after the dissection 

* Syringes and real-time materials for all the techniques will be provided 
** 12 points & Certificates of Attendance will be provided 
*** Coffees and lunch will be provided 
**** This Workshop is addressed only to Doctors 

Organized by Venus Medicine, in collaboration with Athens Microneurosurgery Laboratory, and sponsored by SAMNAS and EURICAM. 

About the Instructor: Dr. Sotiris Tsioumas is an Εye Surgeon and Professor of Aesthetic Medicine and Non-Ablative Surgery at the Universities of Camerino & Tor Vergata in Rome. He is the President of Aesthetic Medicine and Bloodless Surgery Association SAMNAS, and the Vice President of the Global Chinese & Coplimentary Medicine. He is the author of 2 Scientific Books in Aesthetic Medicine & Bloodless Surgery, and a Representative of EMA.