October 18, 2021

Deiktis Ygeias: Breast Cancer: Symptoms and Prevention

Breast cancer is known to be a dangerous condition that threatens a very large amount of women worldwide. It should be noted that about 12% of women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. To understand the value of prevention, it is helpful to look at some statistics on breast cancer.

– It is the most common type of female cancer in the western world. Every year there are more than a million new cases worldwide.

– It is the most common cause of death of women aged 45 to 60 years.

– The risk of its occurrence quadruples after menopause.

– 25% of cases concern young women under 45 years old.

But beyond these negatives, there is one very positive thing to note: Breast cancer is a disease that can be cured and to a significant degree, if diagnosed early.

Symptoms of breast cancer

It is normal for some of the symptoms of this condition to appear in other conditions or to be the result of normal hormonal changes in woman. However, because it is much better to prevent than to treat, if any of the following symptoms occur, it is very important to tell your doctor immediately.

– Palpable tumor in the breast or armpit : If you notice a small lump on your chest or armpit, then you should see your doctor for a regular examination.

– Swelling of the breast: This is a normal effect during menstruation. However, if it is observed to continue for days after this period, then it is a cause for concern and a visit to the doctor’s office.

– Fluid secretion from the nipple: This symptom is worrying if it is observed without exerting any pressure on your chest.

– Hard area on the skin of the breast: Another particularly worrying symptom as it is often associated with the existence and development of a dangerous tumor.

In any case of all the above, it is especially important to identify the problem at a very early stage by planning an immediate visit to the doctor’s office.

Risk factors

An important step in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is the examination of some important risk factors. There are women who are more prone to this disease due to certain factors such as:

– Family history, is the existence of cancer in first degree relatives (mother, sister, daughter).

Individual history, is the presence of breast cancer implies an increased risk for the other breast as well.

– Age, as 80% of cases concern women older than 50 years.

– Hormonal history, such as early menopause, hormone therapy, fibrocystic mastopathy, etc.

– Environmental factors such as exposure to increased radiation, heavy alcohol consumption and smoking.

Breast cancer prevention

As already mentioned, prevention is the most important step in the proper treatment of breast cancer. So every woman should adopt specific habits regarding the prevention of breast cancer such as:

– Limit alcohol consumption

– Avoid smoking

– Do a breast self-examination once a month. Self-examination can be done easily. With the help of the lugs, the woman can feel the entire surface of the breast by making circular movements and at the same time controlling the armpit area. These areas should be inspected for the appearance of small tumors or dense and hard masses. If you notice any change from the previous time of the self-examination, then you should see your doctor immediately.

– Have full knowledge of the symptoms as mentioned above

– To maintain a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables

– Have mammograms on regularly basis

– To give increased importance and attention to which symptoms in case of hereditary predisposition.

One of the most common mistakes women make is to avoid mammograms and to deal with possible changes in their breasts without the proper importance, perhaps for fear of discovering something worse. Although it is completely understandable and human, it remains a major mistake as early diagnosis of breast cancer today has contributed to a very large reduction in mortality worldwide.