May 13, 2022

Cellulite: Summer is approaching – Tips and ways to deal with it

Cellulite (or lipodystrophy) is one of the most common skin conditions that afflicts most women, regardless of physical condition and age and is caused by certain processes (usually pathological in nature) that affect both the superficial skin and the circulatory system. system and fat (subcutaneous tissue) mainly in the thighs, hips, knees and more rarely the upper extremities. With summer just around the corner, this guide will help you deal with cellulite in a timely manner and enjoy a firm, youthful and beautiful body, free from the unsightly appearance of orange peel. 

Why does cellulite occur? 

Deep in the skin there are some cells called fat cells, which support the skin. Through them pass the capillaries (parts of the circulatory and lymphatic systems), whose role is to give oxygen to the cells and collect waste. When there is a malfunction in the lymphatic or circulatory system, adipocytes increase their volume and interfere with the proper functioning of the capillaries, resulting in a lack of oxygen from the tissues and cells. This, in turn, creates cavities on the surface of the cells, creating what most people call “orange peel skin”. 

As for the causes that can cause these malfunctions in the above systems, they can be of vascular or hormonal origin – or they can be due to other factors that contribute to the appearance of cellulite, such as pregnancy, stress, abuse, malnutrition, weight gain, and more. 

Treatment of cellulite 

In its early stages, cellulite is a completely reversible condition, especially if treated early. In its last stage (sclerotic cellulite), it is quite difficult to do some kind of intervention which will give us a satisfactory result. Here are some of the most effective ways to treat cellulite. 

  1. Nutrition & Exercise

Reducing salty foods and sugar, combined with increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits and whole grains is a very good start to treating cellulite. Drinking plenty of water daily and avoiding excessive alcohol and smoking will help as well. The same will happen if you include in your life a physical activity that will help stimulate muscles (especially the lower extremities), improve the circulatory system and eliminate fat. 

  1. Manual anti-cellulite treatments

Under the supervision of specialized personnel and in specialized beauty centers, cellulite imperfections can be reduced or even completely eliminated with the help of manual (performed by hand) treatments, such as: 

Lymphatic drainage massage – With one or two sessions a week for at least two months, excess fluid is eliminated from the body by stimulating the lymphatic system. 

  • Connective tissue massage – This is a type of massage that acts on the connective tissue and other, deeper tissues in order to increase their vascularity. To achieve the desired result, at least 10 sessions (2 per week) are usually required.

Anti-cellulite mud therapy – This treatment raises the body temperature by using a mixture of clay and water, the functional components of which stimulate the microcirculation and consequently produce sweating. It is recommended to do it two to three times a week. 

  • Thalassotherapy – This treatment utilizes the components of seawater and its therapeutic actions to provide a solution to cellulite. It is performed only in specialized thalassotherapy centers and thermal baths.
  1. Mechanical anti-cellulite therapies

In this category there are treatments that use special machines that aim to eliminate cellulite, such as: 

Radiofrequency – This treatment reduces retention, promotes blood circulation and removes fat from the subcutaneous tissue using a device that generates heat through electromagnetic waves. The same process also activates the natural production of fibroblasts and new collagen, giving the skin elasticity and firmness with about three sessions a week (later reduced to one a month, which become even thinner along the way). 

Cavitation – Using high-frequency ultrasound instruments, the microcirculation is stimulated and the accumulated fat is dissolved, with one session per week for about 8-10 weeks. 

Electrostimulation – With the help of electrodes that send small discharges of electricity to the muscles, the muscles are toned in the same way that would be done with exercise. It will take at least 10 sessions (2-3 per week) to have visible results and reduction of cellulite. 

  • Endermology – Here we are talking about a treatment that improves circulation, promotes collagen production and mobilizes and stimulates the tissues in depth with the help of rollers / rollers that are adapted to the body, according to its needs. The patient is asked to wear a special suit / suit so that the rollers can target exactly the points that have the biggest problem. One or two sessions per week are recommended, depending on the size of the problem and the needs of the patient.

Final Thoughts 

Cellulite can be treated with spectacular results, especially if it is in its early stages with the help of technology, the multiple specialized treatments that are now available and cosmetic medicine. Of course, a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, in general, will help both to prevent cellulite and to reduce (or even eliminate it completely). 

Happy summer with your new body!