October 17, 2023

Covid-19: What we know about the new variant ChBB.1.5;

The “bell” of danger is being sounded by the World Health Organization as, according to the experts, the coronavirus crisis is not over and they are calling on all governments not to lift all protective measures yet.

A new mutation of COVID-19, the ERIS variant is causing concern in international epidemiological surveillance centers since the virus is responsible for the rapid increase in cases. And in Greece, however, scientists attribute to Eris the increase in cases, but also the increase in the number of hospitalizations recorded in the last period of time.

Eris has not yet been classified as a “mutation of concern” by the WHO. The symptoms of the “ERIS” variant. The reason for the increase in cases is mainly due to tourism, said the president of EINAP, Matina Pagoni. Characteristically, he said that “it is due to the British and the rest of the tourists, because abroad the “Eris” variant is on the rise. In us, in Greece, it covers 11% and fortunately the symptoms compared to the other variants are simple”.

He explained how “you start with a slight sore throat, congestion, weakness but the fever, which was “torturous” during the other variants, is not present here or is present for two twenty-four hours”.