August 30, 2021

Deiktis Ygeias: Fluid retention in summer

Fluid retention is a fairly common problem that occurs in both sexes and usually causes swelling in the abdomen or legs, as well as a strong and recurring feeling of discomfort.

Some times you may feel that your body carries more weight than normal while your eating habits have hardly changed at all. This is because the human body is made up of a large percentage of water, which percentage changes depending on our diet, exercise and various hormonal changes.

In particular, you will have noticed that after a heavy meal without drinking water, it is very likely that you will experience the above symptoms. The reason for this is that the cells of the body absorb much more water resulting in a reduction in the amount of fluid in the blood and thus cause fluid retention.

This phenomenon is much more common during the summer as in summer the extremely high temperatures increase the body’s need for fluid intake. So if you eat very heavy meals during the summer and even forget to drink water often so that the body can replenish fluid loss, then the feeling of discomfort and weight can be much more intense.

So how can we avoid fluid retention during the summer?

– Drinking plenty of water

This is a habit that we have to establish in our lives for many different reasons .

– Avoiding salt

Salt definitely makes food tastier, however it has several negative health effects. At the same time it is a reason that contributes to fluid retention during the summer.

– Following a specific diet

Stay away from dairy products that cause heartburn and bloating anyway as well as red meat, sugar and alcohol.

– Applying daily exercise

Exercise could not be missing from this list. Put at least 15 minutes of exercise into your life.

– Regulating hormonal issues

Fluid retention is sometimes directly linked to hormonal problems and dysfunctions. In this case, it is good to perform all the necessary hormonal examinations to diagnose the problem and then to give the appropriate treatment to the doctor to treat it.

– Avoid very high temperatures

Exposure to very high temperatures is a factor that exacerbates the appearance of fluid retention. Make sure you live in a comfortable environment with adequate oxygen and a suitable temperature.