September 22, 2021

Deiktis Ygeias: Upper and lower abdomen

What is an upper and lower abdomen ultrasound? 

This ultrasound is a procedure where, using high frequency waves, images are taken from inside the body of the examinee in the specific areas. 

Which parts of the body do we check with this particular ultrasound? 

Upper and lower abdominal ultrasound examines the main organs inside the abdomen (pancreas, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, spleen). Through this ultrasound, the structure, shape and size of the organs are checked, as well as any structural abnormalities or pathological findings. 

Why is it done? 

Usually the doctor asks for an examination to check: 


Cancer of the liver or pancreas 
Blood clot (liver, spleen, kidneys) 
Kidney stones 
Cirrhosis of the liver 
Internal genitals 

What preparation is required? 

The patient who will undergo this test should not have eaten for about 6-8 hours before the test and should drink enough water for the needs of the test at least two hours before the test. (4-5 glasses of water).

How exactly is the ultrasound done 

This test is completely painless and safe. The doctor will place a special gel on the abdomen of the examinee and then with the use of the machine will proceed to the examination.

At the diagnostic center of the Health Index you can perform this test. 
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