March 28, 2022

Digital Transformation in Tourism

Pandemic accelerated digital transformation, in strategic, operational and technical level. Crisis has revealed the importance of the digital transformation of the travel and tourism industry for improving health protocols and security and increasing sustainability, because the digital revolution is now an essential element of international travel 

The ambitious project EMC envisages the connection of Greece with the Middle East and East Asia through the installation of a large data transmission channel (data cable), to display online the beauties of our country, with the Grow Greek program Online Tourism, which enables Greek entrepreneurs to move into the era of digital marketing to promote the domestic tourism ecosystem. At the same time, EOT operates “All you want is Greece”, “AgapimouGrec a”, “Greek summer feeling”, the portal and social media, while the VisitGreece App is a useful tool for its visitors Greece, with travel information, as well as real-time information on tourism issues. 

The digital transformation of Greek Tourism requires the adoption of a Strategic Road Map with the implementation of 5 main pillars of action within an effective business support framework. The pillars are summarized in the creation of a digital data hub (Data Hub), in the formation of digital identity, in the development of smart destinations and businesses, as well as in the strengthening of digital nomads, i.e. professionals who seek a different place of residence, regardless of the workplace utilizing telework. 

The Tourism Development Strategy (2021-2030), through the NSRF, will finance the creation and improvement of integrated diversified tourism services and products, through ITI, DMOs, Nature Greece, reskilling, upskilling and digitalization, infrastructure upgrades and adaptation to the environment, addressing seasonality, as well as financing tourism investments. Furthermore, the State with the Recovery Fund has 320 million euros for the transformation of Greek Tourism, with a prerequisite for the combination of reforms and investments. 

Greece must board the super-cloud computing with the 5G networks and the implementation of law N.4727/2020, as a “cloud first policy”, forcing the public services to adopt as an absolute priority, the choice of the cloud as a technical infrastructure. The Recovery Fund will allocate 7 billion to the digital transformation of the state and the economy, aiming at hosting investments and the emergence of new destinations by changing the productive tourism model and applying the dual-application philosophy for a sustainable and innovative tourism. 

Konstantinos Kouskoukis 

Professor of Dermatology 


B’ Vice President GDHI 

President Hellenic Academy of Thermal Medicine 

President World Academy of Chinese & Complimentary Medicine