July 23, 2021

Elitour- 1st Synergy Meeting

The 1st Synergy Meeting was organized by the Greek Health Tourism Council – ELITOUR, with great member participation, on Monday, July 12, to promote synergies and share good practices, experiences, as well as submitting proposals and ideas, regarding the promotion of Health Tourism in Greece.

The President of Elitour, George Patoulis mentioned that for the first time Greece managed to be one of the top 50 health destinations by occupying the 36th position. He then stated: “This is such an achievement for Greece, because of the global pandemic we are now experiencing. But it is also a responsibility for all of us involved in the field of health tourism. The Greek Health Tourism Council – ELITOUR has great potential and through substantial alliances can go one step further, thus creating opportunities for the entire industry. Synergies are the core, the driving force of a cluster like ELITOUR. Unity is strength and the only way to successfully achieve our goals.”

The Vice President, Christina Tampourea, CCO Iaso Group, referred to the strategic planning and development of Elitour, while the General Secretary of Elitour, Petros Mamalakis, emphasized: Today’s meeting is the beginning of a closer cooperation for all members, so that Elitour leads Greek Health Tourism to even greater success, boosting our national economy. Elitour is not an impersonal cluster of companies, but a group of people with common vision and focus on health tourism and its benefits “.

Elitour’s members presented their company along with their vision, but also had the opportunity to network, laying the foundation of targeted-joint actions.