June 20, 2023

Elitour: The first IVF cluster is a reality

The Greek Health Tourism Council – Elitour proudly undertook the initiative: 2023 Year of IVF for Greece, with the aim to promote Greece as a leading destination for IVF worldwide.

Under this initiative, the first IVF Cluster was created by Elitour, which aims to promote Health Tourism in Greece.

Lots of specialized doctors and scientists, from the field of Assisted Reproduction, were present at the introductory reception, held at the Great Britain Hotel, at the invitation of the President of Elitour, President of the Athens Medical Association and Governor of Attica, Mr. George Patoulis.

The aim of the IVF cluster is to bring together the leading scientists of our country, combining knowledge and experience, exchanging ideas, in order to network and collaborate on innovative solutions that will benefit both IVF patients worldwide and
Greece generally.