February 27, 2021

Hellenic Academy of Thermal Medicine: Emotional Intelligence and Reconsideration in Tourism

by Konstantinos Kouskoukis

Professor of Dermatology – Lawyer – President of Hellenic Academy of Thermal Medicine – President of World Academy of Chinese and Complementary Medicine – f. Vice Chancellor of the University of Democritus – General Secretary at Ministry of Health




Emotional intelligence, in the workplace, determines our ability to learn practical skills based on self-awareness, behavioral motivation, and personal ability to manage ourselves with self-regulation and social ability and skills for empathy; in other words, is the ability of being aware of the feelings and needs of others.

The skills acquired through education are now less important than the basic ability to learn through working. What is considered important is the ability to listen carefully and communicate verbally, being adaptive, having good self-management, skills in managing disagreements and crises, leadership skills, as well as, a willingness to contribute. Empathy refers to the individual’s ability to understand the emotional state of others. Empathy is related to social behavior and it is a necessary social bond, contributing to emotional development, education and successful communication between people. Empathy can be innate or acquired through learning and experience. Emotional dimension of empathy is the ability to perceive the other’s emotional state, in its cognitive dimension, empathy helps to understand the other’s way of thinking, while in communicative dimension, contributes to show the others that one understands and feels them. In an era, in which our future prospects are increasingly dependent on the skillful handling of ourselves and our relationships, empathy, political awareness, diversity management, team and leadership prowess constitute significant skills. Practical guidance is ultimately required for facing the significant personal and professional challenges, as an emotional intelligent corporate environment that understands the emotional capacity of their employees is more equipped to survive.

Top wellness travel trends in 2021 (a commemorated remembrance year in Greece) for self-care, physical health and wellness impose a comprehensive review of the way of thinking. This new era, which is based on social distance, requires emotional intelligence and empathy, stress-free and remote work breaks with a holistic approach in low populated areas, in a sustainable environment; characteristics that Greece can proffer, as the country of Zeus, Beauty and Spirit.