December 23, 2021

Enhancement of primary health care and development of health tourism

The contribution of the local government in the enhancement of the primary health care and the priorization of the health needs in the framework of the new Regional Operation Program 2021-2027 of Attica, was the main topic of the meeting of the Regional Governor of Attica George Patoulis with the Minister of Health Mr Athanassios Plevris.

Patoulis: “Local Government and Central Administration can contribute decisively to the reinforcement of health structures and to the targeted aid of the National Health System”.

The strengthening of the cooperation between the Attica Region and the Ministry of Health, in the context of actions related to the better protection of the health of the citizens of Attica as well as the benefits of the screening, was at the center of the meeting of the Regional Governor of Attica Mr G. Patoulis, with the Minister of Health Ath. Plevris, which took place at the Ministry of Health.

During the meeting, there was a special emphasis, both on development of initiatives to successively handle the pandemic and the prevention, as well as, in targeted reinforcement of the National Health System, under the new Regional Operational Program of Attica 2021-2027. Mr. Ath. Plevris was fully informed, about the pilot program of prevention and screening of Health Care Centers, which is implemented through Hellenic Intermunicipal Network of Healthy Cities and confirmed the intention of the Government and the Prime Minister to strengthen primary health care.  Both sides agreed to explore the framework of co-operation, to further strengthen primary care by interconnectivity of Health Care Centers and the Local Health Groups. It was both agreed that there is a need for further development of structures from the part of the hotel units, as well as for a new central development perspective for creating new job positions in the health sector. This perspective will  also aid to the repatriation of Greek scientific staff which currently is working abroad.

Mr. G. Patoulis pointed out that the Attica Region has an active and ready mechanism and in cooperation with the Minister of Health, can further extend its application to all 66 municipalities, a fact that will enhance primary health and the Local Government and the Central Administration can effectively cooperate utilizing all financing resources.

In the aftermath of the meeting, Μr G. Patoulis, as President of the Athens Medical Association and President of Elitour, also mentioned of the need to strengthen the national health system by recruiting staff as well as of gradual reduction of claw back, paid by private primary health care units.