February 27, 2021

Eurodentica Cooperates with an English House in order to provide Dental Treatment for International Patients

Eurodentica becomes increasingly recognized in Europe. A week ago, #ClinicHunter, a leading company in the field of Medical – Dental Tourism, selected us for their network in Greece. Clinic Hunter already has a presence in several other European countries.


The selection was made acknowledging the #International_Patients_Department which has been developed over the last 5 years at #Eurodentica_Specialized_Dental_Care, combined with its presence so far in the international forums for #Medical_Tourism, as well as for the participation of Eurodentica in #Elitour (Greek Medical Tourism Council).

In the attached link https://clinichunter.com/clinics/greece/athens/eurodentica-2/?fbclid=IwAR1uZ2Oavk1nFD-XSQL-bNYinqzdlozP7-2AmTM8JnREo_C-lptwQQmySN0 one can be informed about the #quality of the #services provided, as well as for the continuous quality upgrade.

What impressed them the most, was our 30 years of experience with people with disabilities and phobic patients, as well as the fact that, at Eurodentica, dentistry is performed by dentists with minimum 3 years post graduate specialized training at Universities in Europe, Canada and America.

The #non_delay process of dental appointments is emphasized, as well as the fact that the patient can receive dental care from 3-4 dentists in one day, if deemed necessary.

In our website www.dentaltourismgreece.com, not only English-speaking patients are served, but also Chinese and Russian.

Unlike other countries where dentistry is based on low cost, Eurodentica focuses on providing holistic quality of treatment and the staff receives a wide range of continuous training.

EURODENTICA Specialized Dental Care

150, Patission Ave., Athens

Tel.: +30 210 8257060