April 5, 2021

Eurodentica Specialized Dental Care Introduces Payments in Bitcoin

The development of modern technology pushes the global market to new forms of financial transactions.

Recently, TESLA invested $ 1.5 billion in BITCOIN, while the Thai government, in an effort to offset the loss of tourism revenue due to COVID 19, turned its attention to attracting new tourists from Japan. The choice focuses exclusively on young Japanese who trade in Bitcoin.

Following the developments of technology in international transactions, the Board of Directors of EURODENTICA Specialized Dental Care, following a proposal by President Nikolaos S. Kouvelas, decided to make Eurodentica a cryptocurrency-friendly clinic and open accounts in Bitcoin.

This initiative of Eurodentica Specialized Dental Care further promotes our dental clinics in an international and demanding environment, gives us a competitive advantage and consolidates our position in health tourism.