January 17, 2023

Euromedica General Clinic of Dodecanese accredited for its Quality in Medical Care 

We are pleased to announce the successful accreditation of Euromedica General Clinic of Dodecanese, by the international accreditation organization, Temos International, according to “Quality in Medical Care” accreditation program, for the quality and patient safety assurance processes in the provision of healthcare services. 

An onsite assessment was conducted by a Temos assessors’ team from Greece and Germany where it was confirmed that the management team of the hospital is dedicated to the compliance with the high-level standards of clinical services in accordance with the Temos International Healthcare Accreditation program aiming to the continuous improvement of processes and outcomes. 

Euromedica General Clinic of Dodecanese, based on the applied standards and the strongly committed staff provides patient-centered care covering to a large extent both the needs of the local population as well of foreign patient, in a timely and effective way. 

Healthcare providers have the opportunity to benefit in many ways from the application of the international standards of Temos International and its accreditation process, which standardizes and upgrades the procedures and the clinical efficiency as well as it enhances patients’ trust and patient experience.