January 19, 2022

Face and Body Radio Frequencies

Face and body radio frequencies are the most exciting, non-invasive formulation for the face and body, which cares for the skin while treating fat cells. 

RF face and body radiofrequency is perhaps the most advanced non-invasive treatment for tightening and shaping the face and body without using a scalpel or injections. It is a very fast and painless treatment while it responds to any skin type and does not cause photosensitivity like laser treatments. 

In which cases the use of RF radio frequencies is recommended? 

 The use of RF for face and body is recommended to achieve the following results: 

-Eliminate acne scars 

– Liposuction without a scalpel 

– Acceleration of lymphatic circulation 

– To eliminate wrinkles 

– To renew the cells 

– To definitively fight cellulite 

– To destroy fat cells 

– To reshape the contour of the face 

– To reconstruct the collagen 

– Skin tightening 

Another important effect of radiofrequency is liposuction. It mainly concerns the body but also parts of the face such as the double jaw. The temperature that develops in the adipose tissue results in the gradual and significant reduction of the volume of fat cells and is the most reliable solution together with the vacuum technology, which is applied simultaneously, to fight cellulite. In combination with the method of cryolipolysis we have a stronger achievement of the results of bloodless liposuction. 

How many treatments are required with this method? 

Radiofrequency therapy lasts from 15 to 40 minutes and includes about 6-9 sessions which are repeated every two weeks. The treatment is completely painless and those who follow this method return immediately to their daily work. 

How fast the results are visible? 

The results are immediately apparent from the very first session. 

Should the treatment be repeated? 

The results are permanent, however it is prudent to do a repetition at regular intervals. 

At Athens City Med we follow the RF COAXMED method. This is a revolutionary method with impressive results from the very first session as we have already mentioned. Combined different methods of action that result in a change in skin elasticity, reduction or disappearance of cellulite and loss of points. 

This is the most exciting non-invasive formulation for the face and body that essentially cares for the skin and treats fat cells.