October 14, 2022

Face revitalization

Put yourself in the hands of the experts and let your face shine! 

The summer of 2022 has officially gone down in history and it’s time for prevention! Time to act for the skin of our face suffering from exposure to the sun, even for preventive reasons. 

Sun damage, such as freckles and wrinkles, is no joke. For regeneration, reconstruction and super hydration there are experts who present you with the most effective facial treatment to make your skin more radiant and firmer than ever! 

With After Summer Care Complete Deep Hydration Facial Treatment, we have a strong ally with us for youthful and fresh skin with the power of peeling and vitamins. Rejuvenation and shine are at the forefront of the experts. With the motto “above all is health”, the Affidea Group City Med Standard Dermatology Centers give the modern woman the most wonderful motto to act, shine, love herself, but above all herself Zoe. Women deserve love and care but they also need to make the right choices. 

What do the experts recommend? 

With the complete After Summer Care facial treatment you enjoy cleansing with gentle peeling from dead cells and deep hydration of the skin with vitamins and hyaluronic acid serum. The treatment noticeably improves the appearance and quality of the skin, making it look smoother, brighter and younger than ever! Additional active trace elements deeply nourish cells while restoring skin elasticity from sun damage, gradually reducing signs of aging resulting in rejuvenated, soft and healthy skin! The treatment is applied by a specialized dermatologist with many years of experience and know-how, and is offered at a special price until October 31. 

It is recommended for all skin types and all ages, for women and men. It is recommended that the treatment be combined with facial mesotherapy for even better and visible results.