June 13, 2021

FILOKTITIS Medical Rehabilitation Center: Nature & Rehabilitation

FILOKTITIS Medical Rehabilitation Center, provides medical rehabilitation services in a supportive environment with a special interest on the role of nature in relation to the rehabilitation process and essential qualities that might affect functional outcomes. There is an increased interest in research showing the impact of the physical environment in people’s health, well-being quality of life. It has been documented that good design, both indoors and outdoors, not only triggers senses and but also strengthens and improves health processes. In other words, it is equally important that the illness and disability is treated not purely in a medical prospective but also in an environmental and natural approach to trigger individual senses and experiences to provide a personal feeling of recovery.

Today, there is supportive evidence of nature’s potential healing effects on human disability, illness and well-being and of nature being an important therapeutic partner in various kinds of rehabilitation programs and plans. Nature-based rehabilitation has been prescribed in different kinds of nature settings. Even though there is some evidence, there is still lack of specific descriptions and definition of supportive environments in this kind context and there is a great need to identify these specific aspects of the natural healing environment.

FILOKTITIS considers its outdoor landscape and how to modify the surrounding landscapes into a therapeutic and healing tool and environment both for patients, relatives and careers.

Concepts, senses and feelings of change, patience, planning, attention, direction, hope and potential are all connected to nature.  Therapeutic spaces can often provide a calming, serene environment that people can feel comfortable and secure in. Nature and being connected to the earth can often succeed at putting issues and problems into perspective and open the door for new discoveries.

Appropriate therapeutic programs are designed to assist with recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration with the goal of wholeness and healing.

It could endorse rehabilitation for people recovering from injury, illness, or other disabilities.