December 22, 2020

Gamma Air Medical

Gamma Air Medical has been performing Air Ambulance flights for over 20 years – repatriating tourists, transferring sick patients and transporting patients seeking treatment in other than their own country.

A most recent case of ours was that of a female patient that had to be transferred to Far East to seek special treatment. Our mission was rather challenging, as the AA flight was from the beautiful island of Cyprus to distant Osaka, Japan –having also the difficult circumstances of COVID-19 pandemic to deal with.

After treatment in Greece and later in Germany, unfortunately the medical status of the patient deteriorated, so a specialized Medical Centre was chosen for the continuation of the patient’s treatment in the city of Okayama in Japan. The patient and her husband were picked up from Cyprus by our specialized in Aviation Medicine Doctor and RN in a wide body Challenger 604 aircraft. After 13 hours flight, with fuel stop in Almaty, Kazakhstan we reached our destination in the airport of Osaka.

But the transfer was not over yet. Our Medical crew, continuously monitoring the patient with our state of the art medical equipment, transported the couple with ground ambulance to the patient’s final destination, National Hospital of Okayama, Japan.

Hopefully this young patient, after she finishes her treatment in Japan, will have good memories of her adventurous transfer to the far city of Okayama…