October 19, 2021

Gamma Air Medical: 5.246 medical miles in less than 48 hours

If you look at the route map, you may think that a child drew some pencil strokes on the map. Yet, these lines capture 5.246 nm Air Ambulance flights in less than 48hours. 

It was October 14th, when all started with a routine medical repatriation flight for a patient from Chania, Crete to Germany. During this mission, we received a second request to transfer an infant from Germany to Cyprus. Thanks to satellite communication, we contacted our team at the time of the flight and informed them that they would have to pick up an infant from Germany and transport it to Larnaca, Cyprus after they will finish with the on course repatriation from Chania to Paderborn. While our team was flying from Stuttgart to Larnaca, we received a third request to transport two patients from Rhodes to Erfurt, Germany. So again, via satellite telephone we contacted our team and advised that after Cyprus (Germany to Cyprus), they would have to fly to Rhodes to pick up two patients and transport them to Germany. They knew, that after a few hours of rest in Cyprus they would have to fly from Rhodes back to Germany.  

It seemed to be a road race for our team that organized those transfers from our company’s headquarters but also for the medical team and the pilots who started their day for a patient transfer from Crete to Germany and they had to combine flights and make two more transfers from and to different places. It is worth mentioning that all patients were different medical cases that required different treatment by the medical team and different medical equipment to support them. 

None medical team leaves the company unless they give a full report of the medical equipment they have taken with them for patient’s transfer. The approval of the second case, and the third one, was a decision was made as quickly as it cannot be described. Every second counts to us and we are able to decide asap. Every team that is on call, is aware of the medical team that is flying, the medical equipment that carries during the transport and the capacity of each aircraft.   

Managing cases feels like a war in which our team must always be ready to win every battle.  

Extra medical equipment in the aircraft, is prerequisite for Gamma Air Medical and is suitable to support even a second and a third patient getting them all safely to their final destination. But who trusts only the machines? The training of Gamma Air Medical team is continuous and the company feels confident to undertake difficult, complex  cases and even combine different cases. Our medical teams are well trained and are capable of handling multiple cases in the same flight.  

Our team is 24/7 standby, having state of the art medical equipment and efficient training to continue fighting and winning big battles.