November 19, 2022

Gamma Air Medical at the ITIC Global 2022 in Athens

As every year, this year as well, Gamma Air Medical participated in the ITIC GLOBAL 2022 conference. This year’s conference was held in Athens at the Grande Bretagne Hotel on October 23rd to 27th where more than 1000 delegates participated in the conference proceedings. Every year, the conference brings together the entire global industry and sectors who support the patients from insurance companies, patient transport companies, hospitals and other companies involved in the needs of patients, especially for tourists got ill or injured.

Gamma Air Medical held its own booth and welcomed its international colleagues from all over the world. It was 5 days of celebration for our company since we had the opportunity to meet friends and colleagues from all over the planet. Gamma Air Medical maintains a large list of certified partners from around the globe to serve its customers’ needs for any type of patient transport – by air or ground. Having developed strong relations in the patient transport industry, for us, our presence at this conference in Athens was a one-way street.

Our participation in international conferences is always motivated by the development and expansion of the existing collaborators network. But this time, the fact that such a big conference was held in Athens, our company was only motivated and determined to welcome our international friends to our country and that is what we were focused on – Greek hospitality. So, our team took the time to meet the representatives of most of the companies and even those ones who couldn’t have an official appointment with us, stopped by our booth for a short greeting. Our team participated in all procedures of the conference and the passion of our CEO Dr. Gregory Kyriakou for running resulted in our sponsorship of the running club – daily training and running before the start of the conference for those delegates who could stand waking up in the morning and exercising, wearing the Gamma Air Medical T-shirt. Dr. Gregory Kyriakou was one of the ITIC runners as an every year fanatical supporter of the running club section of the ITIC Global.

Our company considers the competing company as our partner and by discussing with them the problems we face every day, we always aim, through the exchange of opinions, to improve our services and satisfy the customer, whether it is a large insurance company or a private request of a tourist who was injured on a Greek island and wishes to be repatriated with us. Our desire is to find solutions to the chronic problems that plague this industry.

Our participation in this global conference has left us satisfied, has raised several concerns, and relaunched our relations with the global patient transport industry as well as setting an appointment for the next ITIC Global in 2023 to be held in Barcelona.