February 1, 2021

Gamma Air Medical: Flights for life

Sharing our medical’s team experience of being air ambulance doctor is always an interesting and challenging task, as when you have over 20 year experience dealing with medical cases where life or death decisions are made in seconds the highly qualified aviation doctors are the protagonists.

Gamma Air Medical doctors provide on air their patients all the appropriate care and treatment that each situation indicates. Every day is not just a normal day, as an aviation doctor must be prepared and ready to leave his office and fly for a patient’s life. There are cases that are not so hard to deal with. When we perform a repatriation of a patient who is not in critical condition, you may say that this is a pleasant journey for an aviation doctor. However this is not always the case! We may have to transfer a patient that is in a really critical situation and bulkier and specialized medical equipment must be carried on board, predicting even the worst scenarios. In these cases patient’s family members may not be allowed onboard and are informed that they can not accompany their loved one! Patient is only escorted by the aviation doctor and aviation nurse and it is in such cases that doctors are the ones holding the patients’ hands as their family would, forming a strong bond. Completing the evacuation what a doctor receives is the patients’ gratitude.

At the end of the day Gamma Air Medical doctors know that they have provided patients the appropriate medical assistance and the best possible care and that is making a difference in people’s lives. Patients all over the world still keep sending cards to our doctors expressing their gratitude for having more than a doctor during their evacuation.

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