June 17, 2023

Gamma Air Medical in the Hellenic Aviation Society Conference “Today’s and Tomorrow’s Aviation”

Gamma Air Medical participated in the 6th Conference of the Hellenic Aviation Society “Today’s and Tomorrow’s Aviation”, 25-26 June 2023 at Triaena Business Center in Athens. The conference was addressed to all those who are interested in the wider field of Aviation and Air Transport.

The Scientific Committee of the Conference was consisted of significant scientists from the Aviation field, and it is worth to mention that the number of attendees who participated with their proposals was also large.

The main purpose of this Conference was to bring together the scientific staff and people of different specialties from the field of Aviation, in order to make a global and multidimensional approach to the current situation and developments of the Aviation sector.

Gamma Air Medical team participated at the Conference Workshop presenting three scientific papers related to medical services in the transportation of patients by air means. Our company, having almost 30 years of experience in the air transport of patients, has identified the problems and had a lot to say about its experiences in this field.

The scientific papers were presented by the Founder and CEO of Gamma Air Medical Dr. Gregory Kyriakou, Member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Aviation Society, our Medical Director Dr. Ioannnis Mamidakis and the Chief Flight Nurse Mrs. Maria Vella. Gamma Air Medical’s presence at the Conference was coordinated by General Manager Mrs. Evangelia Mariza with CR/ PR Manager Mrs. Anthoula Christodoulou.

The conference was also attended by important people from the field of Civil Aviation. Problems in air transport were discussed and solutions were proposed for better air transport management.

Gamma Air Medical sponsored this conference and offered the participants a superior coffee break on the second day of the event, with a barista preparing coffees and beverages and a buffet with special pastries and candies for a relaxing break.