April 5, 2021

Gamma Air Medical: Medical repatriation and travel restrictions due to covid-19

Gamma Air Medical hasn’t stopped providing medical escorts on air ambulances and on commercial flights even during pandemic Covid-19 period. Our Team has performed several international missions repatriating Covid-19 and non Covid-19 patients. Our company had to adapt to this difficult period and therefore, we adopted and apply appropriate control measures to ensure safe repatriations and safe returns of our medical teams.

Covid-19 pandemic period has taught us that repatriations pre Covid-19 period were easy tasks after all. At this period, repatriation missions have become complex not only because we may have to deal with a Covid-19 patient, but also because of the ever-changing restrictions. Our team has to consider air travel restrictions for each country and it is really hard for us dealing with requests for countries that their borders are open only for citizens, residents, returning home or other people with essential duties. We also have to deal with partially closed borders that they are open for some travelers, usually depending on their citizenship or the countries they are coming from, thus we have to plan our missions considering the present guidance as well as all the alternatives – as travel restrictions change on a constant basis – to implement successful medical escort missions either they are air ambulances or on commercial flights. Due to our precautions, none of our missions was cancelled due to circumstances relating to pandemic Covid-19.

Although Covid-19 pandemic has significant impacts on medical repatriation industry, Gamma Air Medical team has been recording all risks associated with this pandemic, monitoring, verifying its procedures and working tirelessly suggesting solutions to all incoming requests for medical transportation. Our 24-7 operations team is working close with Gamma Air Medical doctors and nurses to assure safe medical repatriations complying with all countries entry requirements and restrictions.