July 23, 2021

Gamma Air Medical: When you transport a child, you fight during the air ambulance flight and you struggle emotionally after it is over because you definitely want it to be well!

One of the most difficult cases in the history of Gamma Air Medical transports is children’s transportation. Critical cases that have to be transported to abroad for surgery or specialized treatments are those that have been etched in the memories of our doctors, nurses and pilots.

During the transfer, children are accompanied by their parents. It is not easy for our crews to deal with such scenes. An intubated child, a mother in despair and a father trying to hold on for his wife. Parents are aware how difficult their child’s situation is. They hope their child will be treated and recover and that’s the reason they transport it. Even if there is little hope, your desire and wish to keep your child alive exceeds all medical expectations.

Gamma Air Medical has an excellent pediatric team and the appropriate medical equipment to support such transfers. Doctors are willing to do anything in order to transfer the child safely. However they are humans and emotionally involved. The doctor will not forgive himself for any mistake! He sees the child as his own child and supports parents throughout the flight. There are cases where the doctor cries after such a transfer! He is not only dealing with a severe case but also with strong emotions in a particular difficult environment in the flight.

At the end of transport, Gamma Air Medical Team feels confident that it did well! But we always wonder if the child has made it at the hospital. It has been many times that we have been asked to repatriate the same child after its treatment has been completed and we are glad to see the child-winner again.

Gamma Air Medical Team is not able to keep emotions apart and can’t deal the transports coldly. Our doctors and nurses carry these experiences for a lifetime.