August 24, 2023

Grand Opening Ceremony of Thermal Springs of Polichnitos “Hippocrates” in Lesvos 

The TKC S.A. expanding its activities into the sector of Healing and Wellness, inaugurated, in 16th of August 2023, the starting of the operation of the renovated facilities of Thermal Springs of Polichnitos “Hippocrates” in Lesvos 

Crowd of people attended the Grand Opening ceremony in the presence of many official guests. 

In the same ceremony, was announced the cooperation between the TKC and the CENTER OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE OF ATHENS via the cluster “Asklepieia” -of which TKC is a founding and shareholder member. Through this cooperation, TKC is going to promote and develop the spirit and the practices of the Chinese medicine, in accordance with the therapies into the Thermal Springs of Polichnitos.