September 23, 2022

Greece Among Best Countries in the World for Wellness Retreats

Greece is among the best countries in the world for a wellness retreat, according to research conducted by Slingo, an online single and multi-player game.

The company used data from TripAdvisor to define which countries have the best resort hotels, wellness and spa activities, as well as keywords in the reviews for each country.

Greece shares fifth place with India with a total score of 7.67/10. The country ranks high for its average 1991-2020 temperature; percentage of wellness and spa activities; percentage of resort hotels and review keywords.

In first place is Thailand with a total wellness retreat score of 9.5/10.

In second place is Indonesia with a total wellness retreat score of 8.5/10, followed by the Maldives in third place with a total wellness retreat score of 8.5/10.

The research also looked at countries with the highest-rated wellness activities.

Greece ranks sixth on the list with its score of wellness and spa activities reaching 70 percent.