October 21, 2022

Harlas S.A., one of the leading Greek forwarding agents, in medical industry transportation

HARLAS INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT S.A., synonymous with reliability and efficiency in the field of international transport for almost 50 years, supports in practice the strong card of the Greek economy, the medical tourism industry

’’HARLAS SA’’, one of the 1st certified IATA Greek forwarder companies, among others, for 50 years stays faithful to business excellence. It transports, stores, and handles all kinds of goods across the globe, through the constantly expanding network of partners that has been able to build over the years. Thanks to efficient service, it offers integrated air, road and sea freight services, creating customized solutions according to the needs of the customer. The management of Harlas S.A., guiding its specialized team, supports, advises and processes reliably every undertaking of an international transport project, creating a safe and sustainable environment.

We have created a specialized department, for the efficient management and transport of products related to exhibitions and conferences, of the medical sector, with special requirements for the transport of medical devices.

We also have a lot of experience in transporting biological material for the medical needs of patients (e.g. blood, cellular material, etc.), as well as for the needs of medical laboratories. Our partners involved in the packaging, labelling, and shipping of biological materials are appropriately trained, certified, competent, and knowledgeable of the relevant national, regional and international regulations. We have the knowledge to guide you through the most efficient transport process, choosing the required packaging to keep the needed temperature for transport and to assist you to issue the required export/ import licenses.

Furthermore, we have been certified for efficient transport, distribution and storage of medical devices and medicines. Pharmaceutical wholesale is an important activity in integrated supply chain management. Today, the drug distribution network is becoming increasingly complex and multi-factorial. The guidelines set out appropriate means to support wholesalers in carrying out their activities and to prevent falsified medicines from entering the legitimate supply chain. Adherence to these guidelines will ensure control of the distribution chain and thus maintain the quality and integrity of medicines.

Our experienced partners design our services according to the needs of each client, to achieve the best possible service.