March 30, 2022

Health Tourism Greece has in its possession the unique platform of Vitabooking

A key driver of its growth, is the innovative Vitabooking platform, a rapidly growing dynamic platform of Health Tourism Greece, which intends   approaching, universal patients from all over the world (America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa), providing to them Health Services and Wellness, in top hospitals of Greece, combining tourist services, at incomparable prices 

VitaBooking is an online platform that allows you to search, find and schedule first-class medical treatment in the best hospitals of Greece with corresponding international patients, who wish to travel abroad, for medical services, at significantly reduced rates.  

VitaBooking takes care of getting answers to all the questions that you have, from the comfort of your home, using the device of your choice. When you find the most suitable program for you, you can express your interest to us, asking any question, that hasn’t already been answered on our site. 

Our professional customer service team, will get back to you, within 24 hours with a complete response to your inquiry, including specific hospital information. When you are ready to proceed, you can complete your booking right, in our online platform. The VitaBooking platform, will take care of all necessary arrangements, in order to schedule your treatment at your convenience.  

In particular, by participating in the Vitabooking platform, you achieve: 

  • Attracting new patients to your medical structure, with your daily promotion, to thousand international and internal patients, seeking medical services and care. 
  • Continuous and specialized support. Your personal Vitabooking consultant, provides the necessary guidance, to effectively promote your medical services, expertise and experience. 
  • Targeted promotion, through personalized digital marketing. Organization of hybrid events (Ask the expert), according to your specialty, for immediate results. 
  • Greater recognition and prestige, through the publication of your articles, on the Vitabooking blog, which also aims to inform users and professionals in the medical & paramedical field, with relevant information, from the field of health and wellness. 

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