October 25, 2022

Hydrotherapy in Rehabilitation

The application of water as a therapeutic context constitutes one of the main components in the field of rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy is physical therapy that takes place in a hydrotherapy heated pool under the supervision of a trained healthcare professional.  

In hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy, physical therapists help patients perform gentle exercises in the water. Using an understanding of the unique principles of water, like buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, cohesion, and viscosity, therapists help patients through activities that would otherwise be challenging on land.

The Lydia Rehabilitation Center has two indoor swimming pools, controlled by modern systems that ensure chlorination, water quality and ozonation at safe levels, creating an excellent recovery environment. In conjunction with the special equipment, which includes electric cranes, a water-resistant water track and special wheelchairs for entry in and exit of the pool, hydrotherapy comprises a high standard model of the recovery and rehabilitation protocols in Greece.

The outpatient pool offers an emerging pool bottom, which allows adjustment of the water level according to each patient’s height. The inpatient pool features special hydromassage equipment as well as an air blower, thus creating the beneficial effects that patients require.

  • Neurological conditions, such as strokes
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Postoperative conditions
  • Injuries of high-level athletes as well as prevention of certain injuries resulting from high training loads.

In the framework of hydrotherapy, in Lydia Rehabilitation, except the pool treatments, patients also use the Aquaciser III. The Aquaciser ΙΙΙ water track system, implemented by the American Hundson company, constitutes the latest, advanced development in hydrotherapy. It consists of an exercise chamber, a water tank and a control console. The temperature and depth of water along with the direction and speed of the water track can be used in low intensity, high strength exercises, helping patients regain confidence and balance in all movements.

The Aquaciser III is designed to provide hydrotherapy in combination with aerobic exercise, providing a high strength and endurance program. It is aimed at patients who require alternative therapeutic exercise plans, such as aquatic therapy, wherein the physical properties of water can reduce swelling and pressure in the joints.


The water track system offers numerous additional benefits such as

  • Controlled and Quick Recovery
  • Effective exercise protocols for patients with arthritis, chronic pain and problems caused by weight loss.