July 21, 2021

IASO Group receives three awards at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2021

The IASO Group received three awards at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards, held for the sixth year running. The institution awards companies that promote the values of Responsible Entrepreneurship and invest in Sustainable Development. The award ceremony took place on Thursday 1 July 2021 at the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center, in a glorious event under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and Investment and the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), and with the broad honorary support of various officials. The awards given to the winners were the artistic creations of the children living in the SOS Children’s Villages and the theme was “Greece, 200 years from the Greek Revolution”.

Specifically, the IASO Group won the silver award in the Long-Term Investment category for its comprehensive “By your Side” Corporate Social Responsibility program. The IASO Group By your Side comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility program undertakes initiatives and actions that support the society, the economy, human resources and the environment. Since 2015, we have consistently and responsibly offered:

· thousands of exams/consultations free of charge

· more than 95 deliveries free of charge

· more than 500 COVID-19 tests free of charge

· more than 130 pro-bono surgical procedures

· more than 150 informative lectures/tours

· hundreds of offers on World Health Days

The IASO Group also won the bronze award in the Energy Management Category. In line with its environmental management system, the IASO Group records and checks energy consumption, for the purposes of gradually reducing it, through energy-saving equipment and equipment with high energy efficiency ratio, which directly results in reducing energy consumption. The gradual reduction in energy consumption has a very significant impact on society and the environment.

Lastly, IASO won the bronze award in the Enterprise & NGO Cooperation category for its strategic partnership with the Orama Elpidas Association, and the

establishment of the first Bone Marrow Donor Volunteer Registration Center in the northern suburbs. Meanwhile, IASO donates part of the revenues from each childbirth performed at the Hospital to support the Orama Elpidas Bone Marrow Donor Volunteer Registration Center.

From left: Mr. Emmanouil Moutsakis, IASO Technical Service Director; Ms. Nancy Christopoulou, Head of CSR & Communication for the Group and Marketing at IASO Children’s Hospital; Ms. Christina Korovesi, Head of Marketing & Communication at IASO Maternity & Gynecology; and Ms. Eirini Trifylli, Marketing Manager.

For further information: Nancy Christopoulou, Commercial Division, IASO Group, Tel.: (+30) 210 6383917, Email: nchristopoulou@iaso.gr