January 24, 2022

Innovative healthcare services for men and women of all ages by IASO General Clinic

Aiming to provide innovative healthcare services, IASO Group expands its services through IASO General Clinic. To this end, it has already established a fully-equipped Internal Medicine and Surgical Sector, staffed with distinguished scientists of all medical specialties. It implements the latest diagnosis and treatment methods for conservative or surgical treatment of the entire range of conditions, chronic or emergency. Holding on experience and expertise gained in the last 25 years of our operation, we safely offer comprehensive medical treatment to men and women of all ages.  

Check-up Department 

IASO General Clinic has a new state-of-the-art Check-up Department for preventive health screening tests. At its contemporary and modern facilities, it offers individualized services and complete patient approach. In tune with the latest developments in science and medicine, and backed by the expertise of the IASO Group, the 15 special healthUp packages offered by the Check-up Department meet all healthcare needs. 

Outpatient Clinic 

We have created an Outpatient Department with all medical specialties in the same area. It is staffed with top physicians, and fully trained nursing and administrative staff. It operates daily, Monday-Friday, 09:00-15:00, to fully address all prevention and diagnostic needs.  

To handle medical emergencies, medical staff of all main medical and surgical specialties is on duty 24/7 

Cutting-edge medical equipment 

We have invested in creating modern infrastructure and cutting-edge medical equipment, adopting globally groundbreaking methods and technologies: 

  • Fully Digital Operating Rooms that incorporate the required technology to create a healthy, aseptic and safe environment, compatible with all the latest technology.  
  • The most advanced Central Sterilizing Department in Greece, which combines the latest technology worldwide, for the purpose of providing the best possible prevention of infections and maximum safety to patients. 
  • Endoscopy Unit with AI technology for the diagnosis and treatment of all gastrointestinal and pulmonary diseases. 
  • Robotic neuronavigation system for minimally invasive surgery in Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, E.N.T. and Maxillofacial surgery, in real-time 3D imaging. 
  • The da Vinci Xi robotic system which is the evolution in minimally invasive surgery, as it offers three-dimensional imaging of the surgical field, and consequently greater surgical precision and minimal postoperative complications.  
  • The most comprehensive Radiation Oncology Center in Greece, equipped with four cutting-edge linear accelerators for applying the most appropriate treatment to each patient, and with a High Dose Brachytherapy Unit.