May 16, 2022

Introducing the G-EO System Evolution

G-EO System Evolution is the latest, state-of-the-art robotic rehabilitation system for gait retraining, which after first being introduced to America and Israel, the Lydia Rehabilitation center was the first of all rehabilitation and recovery centers to introduce it to Europe as well. It helps patients with various orthopedic problems and injuries regain their strength and improve their gait. It is designed in accordance with motion recording data and allows the patient to regain the walking ability in less time. 

Offering a realistic simulation of a normal gait pattern, the device allows the patient to regain his/her mobility and independence in everyday life activities. The active mode option allows the patient to start the walking simulation, exceeding a predetermined endurance threshold. This feature encourages the patient to actively participate and activate his/her body accordingly during the session in order to maximize the therapeutic effect. The active assistance feature detects the patient’s attempts to overcome the predetermined resistance threshold and then increases his/her efforts and strength at the beginning of gait. The GEO System offers the unique feature of upgraded stairs as well as the characteristic of some movements that allow the isolation and recreation of a specific phase of the gait cycle.