March 24, 2022

Investments initiatives for the exploitation of Thermal Springs and Thalassotherapy centers

The Greek Health Tourism Council, having an institutional role, is going to take various investment initiatives, enhancing its interest at increasing the value of thermal springs and thalassotherapy centers. Elitour, in collaboration with the Local Government and other institutions, aims to promote health and wellness tourism. 

Greece has at its disposal 128 hot springs, of which 80 are recognized and only 17 of them, have an operating license. 

The President of Elitour, President of Athens Medical Association and Regional Governor of Attica, George Patoulis, during the recent Board of Directors of Elitour, referred to the value of thermal springs since ancient times. As part of efforts to promote health tourism in our country, he also mentioned the importance of their effective use. 

In cooperation with the Local Government and other authorities, Mr George Patoulis, expressed the will of Elitour, to require substantive competences, in the management of hot springs and the investment of asset management, in order to obtain the greatest profit, of all the sources and the thalassotherapy centers of our country. As well as most of them, has not yet been properly exploited : “In that regard it must be pointed out, the need to be made immediately Infrastructure projects in thermal springs of our country. For example, thermal springs of Methana, are exploited by Public Properties Company, while should be developed effectively by Attica Region. The need for cooperative efforts, by all relevant institutions is particularly important to help enabling hosting service, to enhance furthermore the high-quality 12 month tourism, especially in the Athenian Riviera and generally in whole Greece, which has a long coastline and unique bioclimate. 

At the same time, Mr G. Patoulis notes that, ministerial decisions should give the opportunity in top hotels in Greece of performing some medical acts, relating to aesthetic qualities, medical care, thalassotherapy and med-spa. He also added : “Each person will be able to improve, the eating habits in order to have physical and mental health, for longevity and wellbeing into properly constructed hotels, which could provide primary healthcare services”. 

Mr G. Patoulis stressed : “To this end, Elitour with its extroversion, as part of initiatives, to highlight the importance of this heritage for the future of health tourism, should be an important key driver of growth, a voice to the competent institutions and ministries. The Elitour’s Committees  have undertaken studies for the purpose of highlight good practices, related to health tourism, medical wellness and thalassotherapy centers, while also strengthening the Elitour’ s role as a Body.