February 24, 2022

IQ FUE Hair Transplant in Greece: Committed to guaranteed lifetime results

Hair loss is a normal and natural process that happens mainly to most men as they age, however it affects their daily life while some of them find hair loss embarrassing. One Day IQ SKIN CLINICS specialize in a revolutionary, minimally-invasive hair transplant method, the trichoscopically controlled IQ FUE, that offers a permanent solution to hair loss problem with no linear scarring on the scalp and exceptional natural looking results without any doll’s hair effect 

IQ FUE is a perfectly safe process, popular to medical travelers as it is performed under local anesthesia by doctors of high-level expertise and completed within the premises of One Day Clinic just in one session (one or two days accordingly) with no hospitalization and no time away from social events and holidays activities. 

The accuracy of the IQ FUE procedure helps to restore the volume to your hair in thinning or balding areas. Hair follicles are extracted individually from the back of the head, a donor area with stable hair growth which means that the hair follicles harvested from that part of the head do not have baldness genetic code and will never fall out. 

Our skilled surgeons use cutting-edge medical equipment and micro-surgical instruments to have a minimal trauma on the skin and look intact after the procedure. Follicular units are being carefully extracted so there is preservation of the vital elements of hair and thus helps hair growth success. Then, they are implanted directly into the recipient areas at specific angle and density to mimic your natural hair growth pattern.  

Depending on the degree of your hair loss and the donor area capacity, we can achieve up to 10,000 harvested follicular units per full day session. New hair retains its own genetic characteristics and grows naturally, for lifetime, in the recipient areas over the next 12 months. 

To achieve the excellent IQ FUE hair growth rate, before and after the procedure we perform trichoscopy, a specific digital examination to evaluate in detail the scalp and hair condition. Before the procedure, trichoscopy enables us to thoroughly analyze hair folliclescharacteristics and existing density in both donor and recipient areas in order to deliver the correct distribution of the available harvested grafts. After the procedure and at regular intervals, we perform trichoscopy to evaluate the density and growth rate of hair follicles in the recipient area 

IQ FUE is always adapted to the needs of each patient offering a rapid healing time frame and best possible results. Also, the procedure can be carried out to patients who would like to correct hair transplant resulted by poorly performed or outdated previous procedure. 

If you are considering an IQ FUE hair transplant and have any questions, please feel free to contact us on +30 210 6100900 to provide helpful advice. Our staff of professionals will be happy to welcome you at our outstanding one-day clinic facilities and offer you the finest quality medical care.