April 26, 2022

IQ FUE Hair Transplant Widely known as one of the best techniques with guaranteed lifetime results

IQ Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a trichoscopically controlled hair transplant technique that offers the best hair restoration with guaranteed permanent results. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is administered under local anesthesia within the outstanding premises of One Day IQ SKIN CLINICS. Completed just in one session – within one or two days accordingly – it is the ideal hair transplantation for medical travelers as there is no need of hospitalization or downtime. Also, it offers traveler a rapid healing time frame so as to stay engaged with outdoor holidays activities after the procedure is completed.  

IQ FUE is an absolutely safe method as it is performed by qualified and experienced medical team. It is exactly adapted to the needs of each candidate offering a natural look and high-quality finish to the hair without any noticeable scarring on the scalp. Depending on the degree of hair loss, our specialized FUE surgeons with long experience carefully extract individual follicular units – up to 10,000 follicular units per full day session – from the back of the head that is a donor area with stable hair growth. The extraction is performed using micro-surgical instruments in order to preserve the vital elements of hair for guaranteed hair growth success as well as to have the minimal possible trauma on the skin. Then, the harvested follicles are directly transferred to the recipient area and are implanted at the correct angle and density to mimic the natural hair growth pattern, just as it was before hair loss. 

To achieve best results and excellent hair growth rate, during pre- and post-procedure stage, our medical team performs trichoscopy, a specific digital examination, to carefully map the scalp, hair condition and hair growth. Trichoscopic examination is done prior to transplantation procedure to help surgeons thoroughly analyze hair characteristics and existing hair density in donor and recipient area in order to proceed to the best distribution of the available harvested hair follicles. Trichoscopy is repeated after the implantation and at regular intervals to evaluate the hair growth rate on the recipient areas. Over the next 12 months, new hair grows naturally retaining its own genetic characteristics for lifetime. The scalp looks intact and no one will know you have had hair transplantation. 

If you are considering an IQ FUE hair transplant of guaranteed results, please contact us on +30 210 6100900 to provide helpful advice and arrange a personalized consultation for free. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing you the finest quality and cost-effective medical care designed upon your needs.