June 11, 2021

IQ Intensive Quality One Day Skin Clinics: Effective Photodynamic Treatment for Acne

One-off light therapy at IQ Intensive Quality One Day Skin Clinics is the non-invasive acne treatment you’ve been looking for. No pain, No side effects, No sunlight exposure restriction.

When you are on vacation in Athens, why not treat your acne, too? A one-off treatment is easy to access and can be administered at our IQ Intensive Quality One Day Skin Clinics. Photodynamic treatment (PDT) is the fastest, safest and most effective acne treatment especially for acne that is caused by inflammation or bacteria. It is a non-invasive method completed in a 2-step procedure. First, a photosensitizing agent (Methylesterase aminolevulinic acid) is applied to the acne lesions. Then, within 20 minutes of agent application and in the presence of oxygen, the skin is exposed to a specific wavelength of lights directed to the target tissue.

Two kinds of pure, natural and visible lights are used: blue light and red light, each one with different benefits. Blue light is used to address mild to moderate acne breakouts, as it has an antimicrobial effect on the anaerobic Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) and on several types of bacteria in skin pores and oil glands, while it helps skin getting rid of free radicals and redness from acne. Red light has anti-inflammatory capabilities, as it works deep below the surface of the skin to repair tissue, promote healing and help decrease acne scarring. 

PDT session lasts approximately 80 minutes. During the session, a licensed and experienced dermatologist or a trained nurse will help you lie down directly under the FDA-approved light therapy medical device, while you wear the protective goggles. A single session at IQ Intensive Quality One Day Skin Clinics can deliver excellent results with no downtime seen in other treatments involved medication.

Photodynamic treatment is remarkably safe for most people as it does not involve the use of oral retinoids or antibiotics. This benefit makes PDT the ideal treatment for people who do not like or cannot take medication and for those whose acne has not responded to other treatments.

Photodynamic treatment for acne may offer many benefits, including:

  • free of side effects
  • painless treatment
  • clinically proven
  • elimination of acne-causing bacteria on the skin
  • decongestion of the skin pores
  • targeted activity, leaving intact the surrounding tissue and maintaining skin integrity
  • reduction of the activity of sebaceous glands
  • prevention of acne scars

After treatment, your treated skin may be pink and there might be some mild skin peeling. There is nothing to worry. Our dermatologist will give you after-care instructions and you can leave clinic to go on your summer holidays. Not to forget to use sunscreen regularly and correctly under the sun!