September 22, 2021

IQ Intensive Quality One Day Skin Clinics World-Class FUE Hair Transplant in Greece

Hair thinning is a common concern mainly for men and has a great impact on a man’s self-confidence. In some cases, it can be significant and hair transplant may be required. At IQ Intensive Quality One Day Skin Clinics we specialize in hair loss treatments and provide the best hair transplant techniques using the latest Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with exceptional natural looking results. Our FUE techniques are painless, safe and popular for medical travelers to Greece because of our doctors’ high level of expertise, our cutting-edge medical equipment and our post-travel health counseling.

Our skilled surgeons and trichologists have an experience of over 25 years in the FUE hair transplants performing high quality techniques in order to deliver excellent care and service for permanent and healthy densely packed hair. FUE is a minimally invasive method performed under local anesthesia and completed in a single day session with quick recovery and no linear scar on the scalp! It consists of specific steps and our medical team gives special attention to a detailed pre-treatment consultancy in order to fit the FUE technique to the patient’s profile and needs.

Step one – To achieve an excellent FUE hair transplant we use Trichoscopy, an essential diagnosing tool for the detailed evaluation of the scalp and hair condition. It is a digital method to thoroughly analyze the characteristics of hair follicles, the current situation of the thinning area and the capacity of the donor area. 

Step two – Trichoscopy’s findings enable us to establish the most appropriate FUE hair transplant technique using the detailed study of the trichoscopy images. We give emphasis on the correct distribution of the available grafts in the recipient area implanting them in the same direction the hair grows to deliver an outstanding natural looking.

Step three – By using highly specialized microscope and tools, hair follicles are harvested one by one from the donor area, carefully separated from the surrounding tissue to keep their viability and then are transferred to the recipient area avoiding scarring or leaving any other mark on the skin. In addition, we apply PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), a non-invasive procedure for stimulating hair follicles through the properties of the growth factors found naturally in the patient’s own blood.

Step four – At the end of the procedure as well as at regular intervals we repeat Trichoscopy on the recipient area of the scalp to evaluate the density of hair follicles. The result of the FUE hair transplant looks complete after 12 months. In case a number of follicular units do not re-grow (excluding a normal deviation of 5%) we perform a supplementary FUE procedure with no extra cost. 

Overnight stay is not required and just a few hours after the surgery, patients are able to return to their hotel.

Should you need a hair restoration and an FUE hair transplant or you are not satisfied with your previous hair transplant result from another clinic and wish to correct it, IQ Intensive Quality One Day Skin Clinics is the best choice for you.

We are always at your disposal on +30 210 6100900 to provide helpful advice and further information as well as to welcome you at our outstanding clinic facilities.