April 5, 2021

IQ Skin Clinic: Eyelid Surgery: Top Certified Quality and Safe Medical Procedure at IQ Intensive Quality One Day Skin Clinics

Eyes are the first facial feature we notice in a person. With aging, eyelids and surrounding skin are also the first part of the face giving the impression of being sad, depressed or tired. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is a cosmetic surgery procedure for both functional and cosmetic eyelid problems, which can result an amazing improvement in the face’s appearance.

Minimally invasive, safe and painless, blepharoplasty aims at correcting signs of loose skin and “bags” in the upper and lower eyelids. It is performed under local anaesthesia and involves removing excess skin and fat from eyelids through a surgery technique depending upon each patient’s problem. The upper eyelids can be operated together as the lower eyelids, while the procedure can be combined with eyebrow lift, eyebrow fixation or fat injection. Surgery can usually last about 1 ½ hours or less without scarring at all. Results usually last up to 10-15 years and patients look years younger.

Patients are not required to remain at IQ Intensive Quality One Day Skin Clinics and may leave a couple of hours after the operation. The very next day, they will be able to appear in public wearing their glasses, while light bruising and swelling around their eyes will fully receding a few days later.

Blepharoplasty is ideal for patients-travelers who wish to combine medical care with holidays in Greece, far from the curiosity of family and friends. Rejuvenated, having a younger and fresh look, they can relax and spend some post-surgery days in beautiful Greece before they return home and to their daily routine.

Believing in forming long-term relationships with patients and their families, IQ Intensive Quality One Day Skin Clinics offers high standard services of latest technology at reasonable rates. Whether you are having cosmetic plastic surgery treatment for the first time or not, you are being taken care of by an expert medical team of undoubted experience, knowledge and skills, delivering best natural results.