July 23, 2022

IQ Total Body Mole Mapping

The most reliable automated detection of skin cancer based on artificial intelligence

You love the Greek sun and sunbathing is your favorite activity during your summer holidays in Greece. However, you would like to keep your skin safe and not to worry of developing a melanoma. Yes, melanoma is the most serious skin cancer. Do you know that you can develop melanoma even if you have never had a sunburn? Do you know that melanoma is not only related to the UV exposure? Do you know that melanoma can develop in an existing mole or may look like a mole?

Do you know if you are at a high risk of developing melanoma or skin cancer?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, then you should have, as soon as possible, a head-to-toe skin check by the IQ Total Body Mole Mapping, the most advanced and accurate dermatologist diagnosis tool for melanoma and skin cancer. 

  • Do you have fair skin, light-colored eyes or natural red or light hair?
  • Do you have a large number of moles (>50) on your body?
  • Do you have atypical moles?
  • Did you recently notice any change in a mole?
  • Did you have sunburns during childhood or adolescence?
  • Is there a personal or a family history of melanoma or skin cancer?
  • Do you live an outdoor lifestyle?

Automated IQ Total Body Mole Mapping, in combination with digital dermatoscopy, supported by Artificial Intelligence, helps dermatologist to observe and analyze precisely any new, changed mole on your skin in order to detect any suspicious cancerous lesion much faster than before.

The advanced detection system of IQ Total Body Mole Mapping, thanks to the extremely high-resolution photos and powerful image processing of all significant moles, provides dermatologist a highly accurate baseline to compare mole changes over time and create your personal record on skin cancer prevention.

When melanoma can be detected early, it is most likely to be cured. The automated examination must be repeated once or twice a year if you happen to be a patient at higher risk for melanoma and skin cancer.

Our award-winning One Day Clinics are skin cancer detection specialists, being the first Greek Clinics to introduce the automated total body mole mapping, while our dermatologists are well-trained and highly experienced to examine any moles of concern.

So, while in Greece, consider an IQ Total Body Mole Mapping and contact us on +30 210 6100900. Arranging your personalized consultation is a pleasure for our professional and friendly medical staff.