January 19, 2023

Language Tourism

Our Greek language is not a simple communication mechanism, but also functions as a cohesive fabric of society, as we not only express ourselves and communicate, but above all we think and feel with its social and cultural significance. The perception of language requires native structures; the ability to speak one’s native language as a norm of national self-awareness as with language we learn our origins, analyze the present situation and exploit the possibilities of the future.

The use of the vocabulary of language is so general and automatic that the limits of language are identified with the limits of human existence, while new words are created to meet modern needs that cannot be met by conventional vocabulary and are served by the well-known phenomenon of neologism.

The renewal of language as a linguistic evolution of society is not static, but timeless because new needs arise, as language follows the flow of everyday events which it describes and interprets. Trips that combine tourism with language learning, also known as Language Tourism, are becoming increasingly popular, and Language Tourism is an increasingly popular way of traveling with a potential market of more than 1.2 million people worldwide. The main motivation of Language Tourists is to learn or perfect a different language and at the same time to get to know the local culture directly, contrary to trips that focus on visiting monuments, museums and other places of general tourist interest. Language Tourism also aims to younger generations (millennials and G Zen), whose popularity is large due to the rising interest in tourism, experiencing local customs and traditions, which give added value to sustainable and twelve-month tourism with high education but also with the high socio-economic level of tourists.

Language Tourism industry is estimated that the first half of 2003 will close with losses of 40% and 20% in the second half compared to the data of 2019, while the improvement of 2021 described as insufficient, is far from the exponential growth curve of the pandemic Covid. It is necessary, in the era of digital transformation, that language tourism is the battering ram of all thematic tourism, because Greece represents internationally the matrix of democracy and culture. Greek language ensures entries and whole words especially in Medicine but also in the digital language, for the functioning of digital communication and in particular for digital nomads.

Konstantinos Kouskoukis

Professor of Dermatology


President Hippocratic Academy of Thermal Medicine

President World Academy of Chinese & Complimentary Medicine