May 31, 2021

20 years of Henry Dunant Hospital Center: A new beginning with a human-centered focus

After two years of systematic preparation, Henry Dunant Hospital Center now belongs to the selected group of only two hospitals in Greece and 600 in the world that have received the Gold Seal of Approval for accredited hospitals by the Joint Commission International (JCI) organization. It is the most valid quality seal in the world, which, with the completion of 20 years of operation, marks a new period for the hospital.  

In this light, 2021 is a new beginning for the Henry Dunant Hospital Center, which follows a new investment plan, enhancing the high quality of the health services provided, as well as the safety of its patients, accompanying persons, visitors and employees, which is its top priority in an extremely stressful period for every health system worldwide.

IN NUMBERS. Henry Dunant Hospital Center is one of the largest and most modern private clinics in Southeastern Europe. Always focusing on people and ensuring their health, it is at the forefront of providing primary and secondary care, with state-of-the-art health services, cutting-edge technology, innovative medical techniques and a variety of corporate social responsibility actions.

It is prominently situated in the center of Athens and more than 3,000,000 cases have been treated in its clinics from its establishment to this day. It has 462 hospital beds, 25 state-of-the-art operating rooms, 38 ICU beds, 20 kidney dialysis unit beds and one of the largest emergency departments and outpatient clinic, while it also stands out for its renewed biomedical and technological equipment.

It should be noted that the Outpatient Clinic covers all specialties and operates in a single and specially designed facility of ​​2,800 sq.m., while the Emergency Department, which operates on a 24-hour basis, has a separate area for the observation of severely ill patients, in an environment of increased and short-term care.

Apart from its state-of-the-art infrastructure, designed to function as a hospital center from the start, the asset of Henry Dunant Hospital Center is its people. More than 600 renowned doctors, 400 nurses and 300 paramedics and administration employees, guarantee and ensure the highest qualify of medical services for the thousands of patients treated in the hospital every year.

INSURANCE COVERAGE. The new planning is also linked to a new pricing policy, adapted to the current financial data, and combined with a coordinated effort of all departments to minimize the required hospitalization time. Henry Dunant Hospital Center has signed contracts with all the Greek and foreign insurance companies operating in Greece, as well as with  the Greek National Health Service Organization (EOPYY) and the United Organization of Supplementary Pension and Health Care Insurance of Journalists (EDOEAP). At the same time, it has concluded special agreements with companies and organizations, with a number of benefits for their employees. For example, there is a strategic cooperation with the SKLAVENITIS Company, the largest employer in Greece, with more than 25,500 employees.