April 28, 2021

Certification of spa medicine centers – thalassotherapy (MediSpa)

MediSpa are specialized centers that provide services of Spa Medicine as a complementary treatment method by specialized staff for systematic treatment, recovery, prevention, rehabilitation, wellness and anti-aging, with an holistic approach.

The certification of centers of thermal medicine, thalassotherapy, MediSpa and Wellness must be supervised by a national system of certification / accreditation of health services and conform with requirements of international recognized quality certification organizations as TEMOS, JCI, UKAF, ESQH, TUV, etc. and guidelines of the Ministry of Tourism 1506/2018 and 2704/2018 for operating signal.

Clinical quality indicators for patient safety and effectiveness must be certified as well as indicators for transparency – charges and the patient’s information security management (GDPR).

Certification must be done by the European Spa Association (EuropeSpa), which provides the quality marks EuroSpa med and EuroSpa wellness.

The EuropeSpa med quality mark for clinics and therapeutic hotels Spa requires unrestricted natural resources and necessary 1000 criteria according to their standards.

The EuropeSpa wellness quality mark concerning treatment in 5-star hotels, with or without thermal and seawater and 1300 criteria are required according to the standards and the regulations of EuroSpa wellness.

Thermal treatment lasts 21 days and works with specialized protocols making patients mandatory repeaters per semester and lasts only 20 minutes per day, providing unlimited time to the patient – tourist for experiential experiences of all thematic forms of quality and not quantitative tourism in the wonderful Greece.

The 150,000 insured visiting the thermal springs of our country, will create a turnover of  300,000,000 € subsidized by their insurance funds, according to the European Directive 24/2011 and Law 4213/2013 referring to cross-border movement of patients, while the most optimistic talk about turnover 1 billion €, when the global turnover of Health – Wellness Tourism amounted to 4.5 trillion dollars in 2018.

The recognition of Spa Medicine as Complementary Medicine by the WHO is auspicious prospects. and the Plenary Session of CCH as well as the integration of thalassotherapy in it, challenging the entrepreneurs of 4 and 5 star coastal hotels to take advantage of the possibility of developing thalassotherapy centers with simple procedures, subsidized and financed by the Recovery Fund, the NSRF and the Development Law.