May 31, 2021

Continuous training and “state of the art” medical equipment, makes the “difference”. Really, it does.

TOP URGENT Air Ambulance MISSION // It was the 20th of May 2021, 11:00 o’clock in the morning, when a terrible accident occurred in a substation of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus resulting in the critical injury of two workers 40 and 48 years old. The two allegedly got in contact with power lines inside the substation that caught fire, causing their clothes to be swirled in the flames. Immediately, the two patients were transferred to General Hospital of Nicosia, where intubation and resuscitation process started. The Ministry of Health of Cyprus Democracy considered the necessity to urgent transfer the workers abroad, in specialized centers for treatment in a Burn Centre capable of keratinocyte cultures and coverage of the burns.

Our company, Gamma Air Medical, undertook the aeromedical transportation of the 48-year-old patient (90% mostly full thickness mixed electrical and flash burn) at the medical excellency Burn Unit of “Georgios Gennimatas” General Hospital in Athens.

We immediately set up a medical “air-bridge” Athens-Larnaca-Athens with the Learjet 35A our “state of art” ICU medical equipment and trained medical staff. The experienced pilots managed to perform the ‘medical flight’ from Cyprus to Athens in only 70 minutes.

Gamma Air Medical team, specialized and experienced in critically ill patients’ air transportations, and supported by our high technology medical equipment, succeeded to transport the patient safe, quick, and promptly to the receiving hospital in Athens. The mechanically ventilated patient under deep sedation, antalgic treatment, and hemodynamically supported, was continuously monitored and connected to infusion pumps for hydration and medicines’ administration without any interruption throughout the Air Ambulance medical transfer. The CRM (Crew Resource Management) not only for cockpit crew but also for medical team, the continuous education and the never stop training and learning proved the “difference”, in such an Air Ambulance mission WHEN not every minute but EVERY SECOND COUNTS.

Our flight medical crew delivered the patient to the colleagues of the Burn Unit of the Athenian hospital, describing thoroughly the case and handing full medical reports relevant to patient’s condition.

Our best wishes for quick recovery to the patient who fights for his life.

We, by this occasion, feel obliged to sincere thank the Hellenic Police for the fundamental assistance during the road trip from Athens’ airport to “Genimmatas” hospital. A police car was all the time ahead of the car ambulance ensuring priority, and with not any stops we arrived at the Athens’ hospital in just ten minutes.

For over twenty-four years, Gamma Air Medical has provided the highest level of care available in the air medical transports that far exceeds standards. The ISO9001 certification for management and operations, our conduct for ethical practices in business and marketing, and the professional code for our medical team, administration employees and collaborators, justly place Gamma Air Medical into the short list of European prominent Air Ambulance companies.