May 31, 2021

FILOKTITIS rehabilitation team: Group of upper and lower limb disabilities

Our rehabilitation team decided to review patients’ feedback (achieved through formal feedback forms and informal verbal feedback) and outcomes for patients with upper and lower limb disabilities. The team works with a variety of patients and discussed their expectations at key points of their rehab journey.

The rehabilitation of the upper and lower limb is an extremely wide subject.

It involves functional recovery in patients with both neurological and orthopedic lesions due to pathologies or traumas.

It concerns the rehabilitation of the different anatomical parts that make it up: shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand.

As with all types of rehabilitation, the goal is to bring the affected component back to the best possible functional recovery.

To increase its complexity is its functioning, which depends on the close collaboration between the motor-sensory system and cognitive abilities.

Precisely for this reason it needs targeted and specific treatments, depending on the anatomical parts involved.

FILOKTITIS rehabilitation team via the Group of upper and lower limb disabilities has as primary aim to develop an approach to improve the therapeutic experience of patients with functional difficulties due to upper and lower limb disabilities whilst improving their ability to engage and participate in their care.

From the patients’ perspective the aim is to notice a decrease in the difficulties experienced in daily activities by appropriate intermediate care and rehab. In addition, another aim of our group is to work towards the patient centered goal; for example, to hold a cup, prevent pain, return to work/ hobbies or improved appearance of their limbs. Whilst improving patient experience, the therapists are able to upskill their knowledge specific to this rehabilitation process.

All of this work needs to be completed whilst continuing to provide our standard service provision so as not to impact on other patient care and experiences.