May 31, 2021

Genesis Athens Clinic: Medical Tourism in Practice

There is a clear-cut increase in the number of women from all over planet who trust our country in the Assisted Reproduction techniques. The reputation of Greece in this field has spread everywhere. In fact, the faith of couples is such that in many cases made them confront the pandemic, the measures of any country put due to the pandemic and any other obstacle they had to come across over this past year.

Mrs. Andriani Latsi who has been living and working for many years in Germany with her husband started there their attempts to obtain of a child, but with many difficulties and negative results after all. Their first thought was “after a failed attempt in Germany, our eyes turned to Greece where many of our friends and acquaintances kept on mentioning its great success in this field”. And the result gave them justice after all. “Indeed, today after only one effort and thanks to the medical practice of Greek doctors, we have a healthy baby boy. Based on my personal experience I believe that Greece has one of the best health systems in the world and highly trained doctors and medical staff. The empathy of the medical teams from all kinds of specialties, bending over the problem of each troubled couple, working together as a whole, with the goal to achieve the purpose and find us a solution. The provision of services is one of the best in the world, and what I say I have just mentioned does not only express myself, but they also express my husband, who although he was hesitant at first, he was completely satisfied in the hands of Greek doctors. In fact, he even insisted in following up the pregnancy and even giving birth in Greece! On his own words: ”I feel completely safe with the training and the scientific level of Greek doctors. Greece will be medical tourism destination for anybody with a serious health issue”. Mrs. Latsi stayed in our country throughout her pregnancy and delivered in Greece and  will happily return if she wishes to have a second child.

Meesha Jalah is another typical example of a woman who arrived in our country chasing a chance of becoming a mother. “I have been trying to get pregnant since 2012 when I remarried” she says. “I came to Athens for the first time in 2018 after many different recommendations and started with fertility treatments. However, the first attempt was a failure. Finally in 2020, the receptionist of the hotel I was staying, told me about that particular Doctor”. The days passed, and she decided to have an appointment with that Doctor. Their discussion gave them tears of joy and relief as all that was needed to become a parent was a specific test”. A few days later, the chronic pelvic pain she had been experiencing for years was gone. She underwent IVF a couple of months later and as she now gladly tells everyone, “Now I’m pregnant with twins, I am in the10th week and I will stay in Greece for my pregnancy ultrasounds etc. I will return to England after the 12th week”.  Ms. Jalah is a live example of many many more, who will return to her country telling her story about Greece and its strong field in addressing fertility.