May 31, 2021

IASO: Pregnant woman in coma with brain hemorrhage regains consciousness and brings healthy twin boys into the world

A severe obstetrical case was extremely successfully treated at IASO, the largest maternity and gynecology hospital in Europe and the largest private hospital in Greece, by attending physician Dr. Georgios Stamatiou, Obstetrician/Gynecologist and Chairman of IASO Group.

With a well-rounded approach, and while the life of the woman and the neonates was in grave danger, the treating physician, supported by the ICU scientific team and all the necessary specialties, managed to handle the case successfully.

Specifically, on 03/02/2021, a patient aged 44 expecting twins was transferred to the IASO ICU by ambulance while she was at 21 weeks of gestation for obstetrical and gynecological monitoring. The patient had been previously hospitalized at Lamia Hospital, intubated and on life support due to a brain hemorrhage that had started on 16/01/2021 (19 weeks).

During her hospitalization at IASO, with the help of the hospital’s neurosurgery team and the ICU doctors under Mr. Aloizos, she showed gradual neurological improvement, while her pregnancy monitoring continued uninterrupted, with weekly ultrasounds. The patient remained in the ICU for 22 days and was taken off breathing support, with good oxygen saturation. She was then transferred to a ward to continue her hospitalization, in a good general condition and with a satisfactory level of consciousness. On 10/05/2021, while she was at 35 weeks, she underwent a C-section, bringing to life two healthy twin boys.

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