June 23, 2023

Messinia – Kalamata Greece …a must have holiday destination

New state-of-the-art dialysis unit in the city of Kalamata Peloponnese, Greece

Plan your holiday and book your sessions at info@mesogeios.gr

Enjoy your holiday dialysis with utmost safety and quality in Kalamata !

Kalamata and Messinia are the perfect destination!

With a modern road network and the local airport, guest can reach this wonderful holiday destination without any hassle. Guests can enjoy walks in the coty and exprience things that accommodate all tastes, see close-up well-known attractions, wonderful beaches, dreamy places with castles, lakes and waterfalls… because Messinia has it all!

With two mesogeios dialysis units all patients are now able to travel to the area to safely schedule their hemodialysis at mesogeios.

Contact informations:

🌐 www.mesogeios.gr

📧 info@mesogeios.gr

📞+30 2810 371560