June 15, 2023

Metropolitan General SA re-accredited according to Temos International Accreditation standard “Quality in Medical Care”

We would like to announce the successful re-accreditation of Metropolitan General SA, member of the Hellenic Healthcare Group (HHG), by the international accreditation organization, Temos International, according to “Quality in Medical Care” for the quality and patient safety assurance processes in the provision of healthcare services.

A team of three assessors from Germany, Jordan and Greece assessed the health facility for three days and evaluated it, which confirmed the state-of-the-art premises and the highly educated medical, nursing and administrative staff. Metropolitan General SA utilizes all current and ground-breaking diagnostic and therapeutic methods; this is why it constitutes a center of reference in the field of healthcare, both in Greece and abroad.

Healthcare providers have the opportunity to benefit in many ways from the application of the international standards of Temos International and its accreditation process, which standardizes and upgrades the procedures and the clinical efficiency as well as it enhances patients’ trust and patient experience.