March 27, 2022

New era in surgery with the Da Vinci Xi Robotic System for millimeter-accuracy operations at IASO General Clinic

IASO General Clinic is introducing the latest technology available to surgeons and patients in the field of robotic surgery. The 4th generation Da Vinci Xi robotic surgery system is the advancement in minimally invasive surgery, offering the best possible surgical result for patients.  

The Da Vinci Xi system has been designed for conducting surgical procedures using minimally invasive methods. Using a special console, the surgeon controls every movement of the instruments and the endoscope, monitoring the entire procedure through a special high-resolution monitor, which offers up to 15-fold magnification of the surgical field. The upgraded instruments have a modular design at their distal tips which mimic the human wrist. They offer surgeons natural dexterity and a greater range of motion than the natural, allowing them to perform complex surgical procedures with absolute safety and accuracy.  

Every movement of the surgeon is reproduced with absolute accuracy and stability in the surgical field by the surgical modular arms of the system. 

The procedures have remarkable results, as they are carried out using the robotic surgical system and making the most of its benefits. It is suitable for a series of surgical specialties, including General Surgery, Bariatric Surgery (Obesity), Urology, Gynecology and Thoracic Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, offering patients:  

  • Better surgical results 
  • Optimal surgical experience  
  • Shorter hospitalization 
  • Fewer blood transfusions 
  • Less postoperative pain and fewer complications 
  • Lower risk of infection 
  • Faster recovery 
  • Better aesthetic result 
  • Faster return to daily activities 

Robotic-assisted operations constitute the ultimate innovation in the field of surgery, as they combine the human skills of the surgeon with the technological perfection of the robotic system, offering multiple benefits.