November 14, 2016

Novel Surgical approach for complex penile urethra stenoses.

Combined dorsal and buccal mucosa grafts urethroplasty

Mr. Mertziotis M.D., Ph.D. (Doctorate awarded by the University of Athens), Head of the Department of Reconstructive Urology and Surgical Andrology at IASO General Hospital of Athens, Greece and his team were awarded the second prize for their video presentation, in the recent 23rd Greek Urological Association Congress held in Rhodes, Greece, 20-23/10/2016, regarding a new urethroplasty technique in the treatment of complex penile urethra stenoses, using combined dorsal and buccal mucosa grafts.

This technique was introduced by Dr. Mertziotis and his team and it has been applied, for the first time internationally, in patients hospitalized in IASO General, during the last two years. The technique has almost zero complications as it does not require complete mobilization of the urethra, while at the same time it uses single buccal mucosa graft split in the middle line, thus minimizing morbidity of the donor site.

The research conducted by Mr. Mertziotis and his team has been submitted for presentation at the forthcoming Pan-European Congress which will take place in March 2017 in London, UK.

Mr. Mertziotis stated: “My associates and I are very honored to receive this award, as it recognizes our continuous work in the field for over 16 years. And I am particularly happy that it comes from my colleagues in Greece, represented by the Hellenic Urological Association.

Mr. N.Mertziotis MD,PhD., Head of Reconstructive Urology and Surgical Andrology dpt., Iaso General Hospital receives his award from Mr. Theodoros Anagnostou, General Secretary of the Hellenic Urological Association